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Many agencies want to be partners with the United Way, but just wanting to be doesn't mean you can be. To ensure only efficient, effective and high priority needs programs receive United Way dollars each partnering agency must meet several key requirements and agree to uphold the responsibilities of being a United Way agency. Admittance is not a life-time guarantee. Each year the agency must reapply and show cause why they should be readmitted.

The Admissions Requirements are:

  1. Be incorporated, not-for-profit, w/501(c) (3) tax exempt certification
  2. Governed by an active, rotating, all volunteer Board of Directors
  3. Offer direct visible human service programs in Franklin County
  4. Be non-discriminatory in regards to service, staffing and volunteers
  5. Provide sound financial Management and Annual Audit
  6. Commitment in writing by the Agency Board of Directors and Executive Director to abide by the United Way of Franklin County By-laws.

Additionally each member agency shall:

  1. Support and cooperate with United Way of Franklin County fund raising
  2. Strive to avoid duplication of services
  3. Strive for inter-agency cooperation in programs, services and funding
  4. Communicate Agency services to the public, identifying itself as a United Way Agency
  5. Refrain from conducting supplemental fund raising activities during the annual community campaign.